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(News that is of interest to conservatives but not just about conservatives.)

Family of Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Denies Report He Sent WikiLeaks Emails

The story sure seems interesting.

Field Workers Suing the DNC as Executives Receive Huge Bonuses

What happened to the fight for $15? More proof of the Democrats' slimy double standard.

White House: Washington Post Report on Trump and Russia Is False

You can tell how much the media hates Trump when they push stories claimed to be false. The same media ignored Obama's and Hillary Clinton's real classified intel leaks.

The Media Finally Admit Obamacare Is Collapsing

Face it. Obamacare was a failure and a fraud from the beginning...starting with its $650M non-working website.

It Was Already Past Time for James Comey to Go

It is hilarious to see the duplicitous Democrats vacillate on whether they hate or love Comey.

FBI investigating bank fraud allegations against Bernie Sanders' wife: Reports

And Bernie wonders why college can't just be free for everyone.

'The Race Part is Grotesque': Tucker Battles Dem on GOP Leadership 'Lack of Diversity'

Republicans are fixing the largest mess in US history and the Democrats claim outrage. It can only mean the Dems really want the demise of the country. Obamacare is an unsustainable disaster. Like it or not, it needs to be fixed.

The uncaring Democrats just want to play race cards because they can't justify the policy.

'Newsweek' Writer: I Hope GOP Sees Family Members Die After ObamaCare Repeal

This is the kind of sick person that MSNBC and Newsweek thought would qualify as an objective reporter. Where are the calls for civility from the left??? No where...because the left doesn't care about civility.

Dow's Rally from Election through Trump's First 100 Days is a Postwar Record

Pretty good, especially compared to compared to Obama's first 100 days where the market was down almost 15%!

Judge Who Blocked Trump Sanctuary City Order Bundled $200K for Obama

This judge needs to go. In fact, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has to go. It needs to be restructured to stop its corruption.

Such a Deal - Tucker Carlson Discusses Obama Deception in Iran Deal

Another example of the Obama Administration negotiating bad deals and then misleading the public on the details.

Deportation Officers Have Too Many Cases, Says Report from Homeland Security

Obama's failed immigration policies may have left the US with 10,000 MS-13 gang members in country.

VIDEO: Afghans React With Relief Trump Dropped Moab, Say No Civilians Killed

It is funny to hear Democrats lament this victory. After Obama allowed ISIS to flourish, you have to wonder what side are they actually on when they complain about American successes.

Prisoners' Family: Trump 'Personally' Engaged Egypt to Save Aid Workers

Another example of an Obama failure fixed by Trump.

Top Obama Adviser Sought Names of Trump Associates in Intel

There is no evidence of collusion with Trump associates and Russia but now there is a name associated with Obama Admin spying on Trump people. Let's see if the mainstream media can cover this up.

People are Fleeing New York at an Alarming Rate

If it weren't for foreign migration, NYC would be having a major crisis.

MSNBC's 'Tax Records' Non-Story: Trump Made $150MM, Paid 25% Tax Rate, More Than Romney, Bernie

Egg on the face of an anti-American broadcaster, an anti-American network and exposed Socialist.

Russia Confirms Envoy Met with Trump and Clinton Camps During Election

Let's wait to hear the cries for investigations of the Clinton people. This will once again show the hypocrisy of the Democrats and media.

Former GOP U.S. Attorney To Obama Appointees: Guys, Your Final Notice Was On November 8

The mainstream is once again pushing fake news. US Attorneys are political appointees.

Illegal Immigration Down 40% on Southern US Border DHS

It is crazy to hear some of Obama's supporters actually try to give credit to the former prez on this statistic.

7,000 IRS Documents May Detail Obama-era Targeting of Tea Party Groups

The targeting of the Tea Party groups was one of the greatest offenses to freedom in American ever.

Hannity: Obama Must Answer 'Very Serious Questions' About Wiretaps, Leaks

This is a case of the swamp people trying to protect themselves.

Mark Levin to Congress: Investigate Obama's 'Silent Coup' vs. Trump

Worse than Watergate and also not the first offense of this type for Obama.

'BELIEVE, ONCE MORE, IN AMERICA' Trump Sets Ambitious Agenda in Speech, Vows Economic Revival

Even some of Trump's detractors are applauding his speech. Democrats are accused of sitting while most give standing ovation to widow of slain Navy SEAL.

Trump Proven Right? Sweden Reels As Migrant Riots Break Out Monday Night

In the meantime,Trump's detractors will find ways to attack him.

North Dakota Gov Burgum: DAPL Protest Camp is 'Ecological Mess', State May Sue to Recover Costs

Yet another example about what idiots and hypocrites leftists are. They really don't care about the environment. They just like being troublemakers and getting on the news.

16 Fake News Stories Reporters Had Run Through February 6

Since Feb 6, they have continued to pump out fake news.

Trump's Brilliant Choice of McMaster

Looks like the new adviser gets universal approval.

Sweden 'Covering Up' Migrant Rape and Violent Crime for the Sake of 'Humanitarianism'

The Swedish government hides numbers and the mainstream media ignores it. But then, the media has the nerve to challenge Trump's veracity.

Trump Schools Dishonest Media in Freewheeling Press Conference

Way to go Trump! This was the best presser ever!

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