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Q: What organization goes by the initials ACLU?

A: The American Civil Liberties Union.

FAUCI THE FRAUD: New Emails Show Fauci Knew About Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan

Fauci's emails show a total cover-up and misinformation scam but many in the media ignore it.

Justice Roberts Uses Pelosi's Words Against Biden in Student Loan Handout Smackdown

Biden is being accused of giving false hope to debtors and playing young voters as fools for unconstitutional move.

GOP Rep: Biden Officials Will Face Contempt of Congress if They Donít Show Up to Testify with the Requested

This is the deep state under scrutiny, finally!

Democrat Donor Arrested for Starting Massive Fire Democrats Blamed on Climate Change

Interestingly, other media sources didn't feel the need to mention the arsonist's political leanings.

Hunter Biden-Linked Account Received $5 Million Days After Threatening Messages: 'Sitting Here with My Father'

How many more stories will the old media ignore???

Whistleblower: FBI Threatened to Fire Agents Who Criticized Emphasis on Jan. 6 Investigations

Deep state at its worst.

BRICS: Iraq Bans U.S. Dollar, Egypt Ditches USD, France & Pakistan Pay With Chinese Yuan

Will the old media ignore this news or start reporting reality???

Yellen: Should Expect a Slow Decline in US Dollar as the Reserve Currency

With antics by Democrats that make the US look like a banana republic in the making, massive federal debt, weaponizing the Dollar and misguided social policy, the country is running off a cliff.

Joe and Hunter Biden Caught on 17 Recordings with Burisma Owner, Grassley Reveals FBI Form Says

One has to wonder when left-wing news outlets ABC, NBC and CNN will start covering this story.

Federal Deficit Nearly Three Times Higher in 1st Eight Months of FY23 than in Same Period Year-Ago

Biden spending is out of control and then the liar tells everyone he's reducing the deficit.

US Lawmakers File 'SEC Stabilization Act' to Fire Gary Gensler

This is great!!!

Biden Accused of Pocketing a $5 Million Bribe While Vice President

So many on the left are panicked about this. It's no coincidence that the government slapped charges against Trump on the same day.

Top Hong Kong Leader Welcomes Coinbase, Crypto Companies

Gary Gensler is making easy pickings for our competitors.

Saudis Say They're Moving Ahead With Nuclear Program, With or Without US

Another snub on the world stage.

Schiff Facing a $16 Million Fine for False Allegations Against Trump

He should get a fine for scamming American voters and taxpayers.

SEC's Lawsuit Against Binance Triggers 12% Plunge in Coinbase Shares

This is an act of a corrupt government trying to hold on to reserve currency status. Gensler must be kicked out of office. He's been the worst. The only guy he supported in crypto was SBF which says a lot.

IRS whistleblower Reveals Himself, Says DOJ 'Slow-Walked' Hunter Biden Tax Probe: Report

Joe Biden doesn't need more IRS agents. He just needs to get honest agents.

US Presidential Candidate Ron DeSantis Voices Backing for Bitcoin and Digital Currencies

DeSantis is spot on by opposing CBDC and supporting crypto.

Leaked Memo Reveals US Democrats' Organized Anti-Crypto Stance

The Democrats and other big government supporters see crypto as a threat to their power. They don't care about the integrity that decentralized blockchains bring to the market. All they care about is their power and increasing the US' national debt. In the meantime, governments across the globe are developing crypto markets and striving to become global leaders in crypto.

BREAKING: GOP Representative Anna Paulina Luna Submits House Resolution to Expel Serial Liar Rep. Adam Schiff from Congress

This is long overdue!

John Brennan's Closed-Door Hearing 'Confirmed' Hunter Laptop Letter Was 'All Political': Jim Jordan

Biden must be held accountable. His team came up with yet another scam so he could boldly lie to the American people in order to get elected.

SURPRISE! Former Aide to AOC Now Running the Communist Party of New York

To call them socialists is understating their radicalism.

Homeless Vets Are Being Booted from NY Hotels to Make Room for Migrants: Advocates

Democrat leaders have no shame.

McCarthy Discusses Tense Negotiations In To Debt Ceiling Raise, Claims Biden Is 'Lying' To American People

The arrogance and incompetence of the Biden Administration is unprecedented.

CIA Solicited Signatures For Hunter Biden Laptop Letter, Congressional Testimony Shows

The American people have been betrayed by some of its most respected institutions.

Dem Rep Sold Stock in Collapsing Bank and Picked Up JPMorgan Shares Right Before Acquisition, Disclosures Show

This is the same leftist who bought energy stocks a couple of years ago when those prices were going up.

NY Dem Rep. Dan Goldman Made Over 500 Trades During First Months on Job

Another Democrat who is cares...about himself.

'No One Would Marry YOU!' Megyn Kelly Brutally Rips Keith Olbermann's 'Cold, Lonely Life' in Tucker Carlson Fight

She burned that leftist good!

New Evidence-Based Paper Shows How the School-Closers Harmed Children

Now that the forced school closings and vaccine mandates are being exposed as bad, reckless policy, all of the big government leftists who vilified anyone who questioned the draconian policies are trying to blame other people.

Antony Blinken 'Orchestrated Plan to Discredit Hunter Biden Laptop Story'

Another Democrat scandal that makes Watergate look like a non-moving traffic offense.

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