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(News that is of interest to conservatives but not just about conservatives.)

Times CNN Botched The News In 2017

Nice summary of the fake news leader.

Ron Johnson Demands FBI Turn Over Anti-Trump Messages Peter Strzok Sent FBI Lawyer

It is good to see Johnson going after the swamp. Just don't expect the swamp supporters in the media to help him out.

DOJ to Hand Over Official's Anti-Trump Texts, Amid Contempt Threat

We'll just have to wait and see if anything goes missing like thousands of emails on HRC's server.

ANOTHER Mueller Deputy Caught Sending Anti-Trump Message: Top Prosecutor Told Obama Holdover Who Refused to Defend Travel Ban That 'I Am So Proud'

Time for a special prosecutor to investigate the Mueller Investigation.

100% of CFPB Donations Went to Democrats

Not is an agency created by Democrats and has served that same constituency.

Lawless Democrats Launch a Coup at the CFPB

When do we get to the point that Democrat is synonymous with lawless?

George H.W. Bush Becomes Longest-Living President in US History

Congrats to Bush 41!

Representative John Conyers Settled Sexual-Harassment Complaint Using Taxpayer Money: Report

Conyers is disgusting...and corrupt. He obviously has been protected by his other swamp people.

Trump Is Right: He Should Get Credit For Bringing Imprisoned Americans Home

Once again, Trump won't get due credit from his detractors. However, compare his successes to the Obama Admin telling Otto Warmbier's family to stay quiet about their son being held captive by North Korea.

Undercovered Democrat Scandal: Disgraced Ex-Rep. Corrine Brown Could Face 'Significant Prison Time'

Where is the media buzz about this??? 18 felony convictions aren't enough to qualify for air time on the illegitimate media???

Democratic Congressional Candidate Arrested for Stalking in New Mexico

This is quite outrageous. I don't hear the swamp monsters calling for him to step down from his campaign.

Chris Hayes: Bill Clinton and His Supporters are Overdue for a Reckoning

Is it? Could it be? Maybe there are a couple of Democrats with intergrity out there. We'll see. It seems hard to imagine that with sexual misconduct allegations sweeping the country and decades ther Slick Willy would be omitted from the naughty list.

Furious CBS Hosts Badger 'Bitter,' 'Angry' Brazile for Exposing Hillary Clinton

People see these excerpts and wonder how anyone can take CBS News seriously. But then, its president is the brother of an Obama Admin official.

Donna Brazile Fires Back at Hillary Clinton Staffers: 'I'm Not Patsy the Slave'

Most of us knew about the rigged game of super delegates. HRC's defenders say she won millions more votes than Sanders. However, her bagged super delegates gave her campaign the momentum.

Lindsey Graham: Special Counsels Should Investigate Democratic Links to Trump-Russia Dossier and Uranium One Deal

Good idea. Just keep Mueller away from it.

Brazile Says She Found DNC Deep in Debt from Obama, Controlled by Clinton a Year Before Nomination

Once again, we see a Clinton doing questionable legal and ethical activities.

Robert Mueller Team: Nine Donated to Hillary or Democrats

The timing of the Manafort indictment is very suspicious. Just when Hillary, Democrats and Mueller find themselves under fire for Uranium One and $12M paid to Fusion GPS, all of a sudden they find a way to create a diversion by charging someone with crimes that happened years before the Trump election.

Mueller needs to step down. He is part of the swamp and he has hired nine pro-Democrat attorneys for what should be a non-biased investigation.

Special Report: More Fake News From the New York Times

The update section at the bottom of this article is great. NYT is the Paper of the Illegitimate Record.

Justice Department Admits IRS Wrongdoing, Agrees to $3.5 million Settlement with Tea Party Groups

Finally, some justice for patriotic groups who were targeted by Obama's swamp people. It is important to note that while conservative groups were unfairly targeted during Obama's years, it was also giving settlement money to leftist groups that should have gone to the American people. We can only hope that legal prosecution is coming to those who violated the rights of Tea Party groups.

DOJ Lifts Gag Order; Former FBI Informant Can Tell Congress About 2010 Uranium Deal

Great news for America and those who are concerned about matters relating to Russia. Bad news for the Democrats who will sell out US interests for personal wealth. The swamp is getting uncomfortable these days!

'Smoking Gun' Email Reveals Obama DOJ Blocked Conservative Groups from Settlement Funds, GOP Lawmaker Says

Hopefully, recent news is just the tip of the iceberg of what is coming. For years, many good Americans questioned Obama's loyalty to America. New revelations are answering that concerned and it doesn't look good. Eric Holder may have been the most corrupt AG ever.

Corey Feldman Plans Film to Take Down Hollywood Pedophiles: 'I've Been Living in Fear'

Not very political but this relates to an industry with huge political influence and not very Republican-friendly.

Research for Russian Anti-Trump Dossier Was Paid for by Clinton Campaign and DNC

Once again, Democrats accuse Republicans of exactly what they are doing. In this case it is Russian collusion. Robert Mueller may not be the right person to be leading the investigating because of his ties to Democrats.

MRC President Bozell Blasts Network Censorship of Clinton-Uranium Scandal

Great work! It is good there are people out there willing to watch the crap of the illegitimate news.

Judge to Decide if House Committee has Access to Fusion GPS Bank Records

What are they afraid of? Could there be Russian collusion?

It's Time for a Special Counsel on Hillary Clinton's Russia Scandal

HRC is pushing back with no valid details. All she can do is call people names. Let's face it, there is more 'there' there than to absurd Trump-Russia investigation.

Hillary's Circle: John Podesta's Brother is Being Investigated by the Special Counsel

The Russian investigation could actually get into a real substantive area; Clinton's campaign. It will be interesting to see if the illegitimate media sources like ABC and CNN will actually cover it.

Kelly Blasts Congresswoman, Press Who Attacked Trump Condolence Calls

Frederica Wilson is your typical disgusting, low-life that represents the Democratic Party today. She thinks she's a rock star when in reality she is just another divisive, self-serving, freakshow leftist who only cares about herself. Once a respected general calls out her fraudulent remarks, she resorts to the worthless racism charge. Her constituents must be extremely embarrassed.

FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama Administration Approved Controversial Nuclear Deal with Moscow

This is the real Russian scandal! Obama, Holder and HRC allowed Russia to get control of 20 percent of America's long as the price was right!

George Soros Transfers $18B to Open Society Foundations for 'Long Term' Support

Honest reporters and Democrats should be offended by this. They always talk about the need to get money out of politics. The truth is they are all talk because they take money faster than street hustlers.

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