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(News that is of interest to conservatives but not just about conservatives.)

Russia's Financial Support for Anti-Fracking Groups Is No Coincidence

Conservative News Digest: Here is the real Russian scandal! It doesn't surprise many that the left in American will accuse their opponents of doing exactly what they regularly do. THe big questions is whether the leftists in the mainstream media will have the integrity to report on a real Russian scandal.

Homeland Security Chief says Members of Congress 'Threaten' Him Over Immigration Enforcement

Conservative News Digest: He should name the Democrats and expose them for the frauds they are. Only Democrats are capable of of writing and passing laws for self-promotion and then threatening the officials who enforce them.

Sarah Palin Suing New York Times For Defamation

Conservative News Digest: The NYT has lost all credibility, it is good to see a suit like this challenge its lack of journalistic standards.

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Virginia Student Heading to Prison After Registering Dead Voters for Democrats

Conservative News Digest: The Democrats just prove they are filthy liars when they ridiculously claim there is no voter fraud.

Sen. Durbin's Office Won't Release Emails With GOP Baseball Shooter

Conservative News Digest: It would be interesting to see what Durbin's staffers said to the killer.

Fox News's Sean Hannity Calls for CNN's Jeff Zucker to be Fired in Wake of Fake News Scandal

Conservative News Digest: CNN should clean house of all of its people tied with Obama, Clinton and other Democrats.

Sanders Dodges Question on FBI Investigation Into His Wife

Conservative News Digest: Looks like the man of the people, who owns multiple homes, is like so many hypocritical leftists.

Nebraska Democratic Party Official Fired After Saying He Wished Steve Scalise Had Died

Conservative News Digest: Democrats are the party of hate. How many more examples do Americans need to realize that it is a party full of people without any moral compasses or ethics?

Sketchy Firm Behind Trump Dossier is Stalling Investigators

Conservative News Digest: The truth is coming out. THe pnly problem is that the leftists in the media probably won't report it!

Eric Holder Slammed for 'Fast and Furious' Obstruction

Conservative News Digest: Let's get a special prosecutor on this one.

Hillary Clinton Should Add Loretta Lynch to Her Laundry List of People to Blame for 2016, But She Won't

Time to start a full scale investigation on the Obama Administration's role in the Clinton campaign and its acts of spying on the Trump transition team.

James Comey's Testimony Doesn't Make the Case for Impeachment or Obstruction Against Donald Trump

Democrats are scrambling to find fake accusations against Trump. They are just purveyors of hate and should face election recalls. In the end, the fake stories about Russian collaboration will be exposed for what they are. The left-wing media hopefully will be seen for what it is too...fake.

New Investigation Reaffirms: Clintons Are Poison for Democrats

More Clinton dirt for the media to try to avoid.

DNC Lawsuit Now Includes Claim that Someone in Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Office Used Voice Changer

Note to self: Don't forget to use *67 when needing to conceal identity on phone!

CNN Stages Anti-ISIS Protest In London

A good video of how fake news is produced at CNN. Shameless...

Byron York: Hillary Clinton's Top 8 Reasons She's Not to Blame for Losing

She's got everyone laughing at her now, even people on her side of the aisle.

Paris Climate Agreement is Not a Good Deal for the U.S: Treasury Secretary Mnuchin

After seeing what Obama did with Bowe Bergdahl, any deal made by the former prez should be under scrutiny.

DNC Chair Perez Booed, F-Bombs Fly At California Democratic Convention

More proof that the Democratic Party is the party of miscreants.

Democratic Party Fundraising Crashes and Burns

What to take from this article: don't believe what you see on CBS, ABC, CNN, etc.

Trump, Netanyahu Focus on Iran as Common Enemy

Just a plain kudos to the Washington Times for honest reporting. While Trump is making huge progress overseas, many leftists in the American media are trying to detract from his success. They would rather see Trump fail which would mean America fails which makes you wonder whose side they are on.

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