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(News that is of interest to conservatives but not just about conservatives.)

It Looks Like Obama Did Spy on Trump, Just As He Apparently Did to Me

Conservative News Digest: This is the problem when Democrats get in power. They do what they want and blame their political opponents of doing exactly what they do. Irritatingly, this all happens while their friends in the media cover-up their scandals and defend them.

Samantha Power Sought to Unmask Americans on Almost Daily Basis, Sources Say

Conservative News Digest: The Obama Administration was so much more corrupt than the Nixon Admin ever dreamed of being. Trump, Gowdy and others need to pursue the corrupt actions with unprecedented force. The people from the swamp need to be sent a clear message that government needs to operate with honor and that abusers of its power will face severe penalties.

Bolton: 'This Was the Best Speech of the Trump Presidency'

Conservative News Digest: It was a great speech. Trump's anti-freedom critics expose themselves with negative reviews. The fact is that Trump called out corrupt nations and those who commit human rights abuses. He also stood up for American strength and resolve to freedom. There wasn't anything that someone who respects freedom could camplain about. So, what does that make his critics???

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Manafort Wiretap Revelations Give Trump Supporters New Ammunition

Conservative News Digest: After all of the left-wing reporters and commentators calling Trump crazy for claiming Trump Tower was wiretapped, we now know he was right. That would make all of his media adversaries wrong and in many cases it makes them corrupt liars from the swamp.

Nancy Pelosi Shouted Down by Immigration Activists at News Conference

Conservative News Digest: Pelosi got the thanks she deserved from ungrateful invaders of the country.

Bill O'Reilly's Accuser Arrested for False Allegation of Crime

Conservative News Digest: It looks as though O'Reilly may be able to strike back at false accusations and accusers. It will be interesting to see this play out. Everyone who is honest already knows that the left-wing media will underplay and possible vindication he scores.

Top Conservative Publisher Exposes NY Times Best Seller List as Rigged Liberal Fraud, Cuts All Ties

Conservative News Digest: Listen to a liberal and they say that it is because of a complicated top secret formula. At least part of the formula is that NYT tracks sales at specific stores, liberal stores. If it is a best seller list, it should be whatever book sells the most copies!

Gov. Abbott gives Trump Administration 'A-plus' for Response to Harvey

Conservative News Digest: Let's acknowledge that besides the Trump Administration doing a great job, there is also a competent governor. During Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana was cursed by having a Democrat as a governor.

Antifa Assaults Peaceful Protesters at Berkeley 'Say No to Marxism' Rally

Conservative News Digest: Let's get this straight, the left in America does not respect free speech. In fact, it does not like the constitution. And, if you are in some areas run by Democrats, people who respect freedom are not welcome. If Berkeley refuses to protect innocent people holding legal events, the Trump Administration should look at how it can cut federal funds to the city.

Joe Arpaio Vows to Go Public About 'Abuse' He Endured During Obama Administration's Investigation

Conservative News Digest: Obama didn't make Arpaio but he did give him a reason for existence. If Obama didn't allow mass invasion into the country, Arpaio wouldn't have become such a celebrity among certain groups.

North Korea Backs Off Guam Missile-Attack Threat

Knowing that Trump is not like the spineless Obama, North Korea has finally seeing reality. Let's just hope that its crazy leader doesn't push his luck.

Trump Rips Obama Over Report He Learned of Kremlin Threat in 2014

This surprises no one except the gullible simpletons who believe the crap the Democratic Party pushes.

Susan Rice: Obama, Predecessors 'Failed' on North Korea

At least Bush, called out North Korea as an axis of evil. Back then the Democrats derided his comments. Then they say nothing when Obama showed his cowardice by avoiding the subject. Now we are looking at a nuclear threat. For that we can all say thanks to the Democrats and Obama.

Calexit Proponent to Tucker Carlson: We're Exporting Middle Class To Make Room For Next "Wave" Of Immigrants

It will be interesting to see if Calexit gets a referendum. It appears that its leader really hates the US.

The Bizarre Criminal Investigation of Schultz's IT Aide

This is a HUGE deal and the media is ignoring it. Maybe their Democrat friends are all being blackmailed because the criminals have so much dirt on them.

Conway: Americans Need To Know About Mueller Team Donations To Dems

It is shocking that the media isn't covering this issue 24/7. It also shows their unscrupulous bias.

Russia's Financial Support for Anti-Fracking Groups Is No Coincidence

Here is the real Russian scandal! It doesn't surprise many that the left in American will accuse their opponents of doing exactly what they regularly do. THe big questions is whether the leftists in the mainstream media will have the integrity to report on a real Russian scandal.

Homeland Security Chief says Members of Congress 'Threaten' Him Over Immigration Enforcement

He should name the Democrats and expose them for the frauds they are. Only Democrats are capable of of writing and passing laws for self-promotion and then threatening the officials who enforce them.

Sarah Palin Suing New York Times For Defamation

The NYT has lost all credibility, it is good to see a suit like this challenge its lack of journalistic standards.

Virginia Student Heading to Prison After Registering Dead Voters for Democrats

The Democrats just prove they are filthy liars when they ridiculously claim there is no voter fraud.

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